Our school supports students with transition at various stages of their education.

transition - prep

The Prep Orientation program begins in term 4 for students attending school the following year. New prep students attend school once per week after lunch during October, then for half days in November. By December new prep students attend school for 1 full day 2-3 times over the month.
The Junior class teacher coordinates transition activities for new prep students and communicates this with new prep families and in the school newsletter.

Prep students do not attend Wednesdays in February.

Click here for the Prep Transition Policy


transition - junior to senior class

Students moving from the junior to senior class the following year, follow the same transition program as the new prep students. That is, afternoon sessions, followed by half day sessions and full day sessions. This transition usually occurs in grade 3, however there may be occasions due to grade numbers, when student transition to the senior class takes place in grade 4.   If this occurs, students still follow the same program.


transition - grade 5

Grade 5 transition days usually occur in term 3 and 4.  Parents of grade 5 students will need to organise transport to and from these transition days.



transition - grade 6

Transition days for grade 6 students occur in term 1, 2 and 4.  A state-wide transition day is held in December for all grade 6 students going on to secondary school. Secondary Colleges negotiate visits with each school to assist with transition to Secondary College.  Grade 6 students and parents will need to organise transport to and from these transition days.

Grade 6 Graduation

The school recognises our Grade 6 Graduates by hosting a special Graduation Dinner which is held in December.  Grade 6 students invite their families and 1 or 2 special friends to celebrate their milestone. 

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intra - school transition

Please click here for the Intra-School Transition Policy.