Loch Sport Primary School run a number of programs in addition to the core curriculum.


Students participate in weekly art sessions at school.
The school is a member of the Sale Art Gallery which provides students with 2 trips into the Gallery, as well as 2 school visits from a Sale Gallery artist. Students regularly enter art work in the Art Gallery displays. The school also likes to support the Golden Beach Art Gallery and promote student art work. 

camps & excursions

The school has an outdoor education program that incorporates camps and overnight excursions.  The grade 3/ 4 camp and grade 5/6 camp venues alternate each year and locations include Munjarra (Lake Glenmaggie), Woorabinda and Rumbug for 3/4’s and Melbourne, Ballarat & Gelantipy (near Buchan) for 5/6’s.

The grade 3-6 camping program is coordinated by 2 of the Sale Rural Cluster of Schools. Each school is responsible for coordinating activities throughout the year for the benefit of the 8 rural schools (Loch Sport, Seaspray, Airly, Bundalaguah, Cobains, Nambrok Denision, Wurruk, and Cowwarr).

The junior class have a Prep-2 dinner and grade 1/ 2 sleepover which occurs on the same night.  This is organised by the class teacher and is designed to introduce young children to the concept of overnight stays away from home.

Children will not be permitted to attend excursions unless they are in full school uniform.

Please click here for information about excursions permission and rules.



The school continues to work on building a vegetable and herb garden.  We have had visits from Raquel Harris from Wellington Shire who has taught students about planting and looking after a garden, and we have also established a worm farm.  These activities encourage students to develop environmental awareness and responsibility at school through growing and caring for plants, cooking with produce grown at school, and using food scraps in the worm farm which is later used in the gardens.


Students are offered weekly music sessions with a music specialist. Students work with a range of different instruments and participate in theory and exploration of concepts=

safety day

The school participates in an annual Safety Day hosted by Loch Sport Boat Club. Students venture to the Lake and learn about boat and water safety in a controlled environment.  Emergency Services such as SES & Ambulance Victoria are also involved, providing students with a wider scope of emergency education.

school concert

The school holds an annual end of year concert which all students are encouraged to participate in. Senior students are encouraged to take on extra roles and responsibilities that may include helping junior students, doing additional performances and assisting with organising the event. 

See the Community Page for more information.





The whole school participates in Sports days with the Sale Rural Cluster of schools for athletics, swimming carnival, and cross country.  Our Grade 3-6 students also participate in coach approach/ winter sports day.  The school also offers weekly sports sessions and daily fitness activities.


Students are provided with an annual swimming program in term 4 which operates for 8 weeks.  This is an extra- curricular activity and the school encourages all students to participate as Loch Sport is located between a Lake and Surf Beach.  Participating students are transported to the Sale Swimming Complex where they are assessed and provided with lessons from a qualified instructor, based on their abilities.